About the Product


·  For everyday cleaning

·  Safe to use on all non-stick surfaces and glassware

·  Great for dishes, sinks, glassware, pots & pans, countertops, and more!

·  Easily removes baked on food debris from cookware

·  Leave bathroom fixtures sparkling white & shining like new

·  Antimicrobial treated to keep sponge fresher and cleaner

Cotton Fiber Sponge 2pk

  • The Practical Matter All-Purpose Cotton Fiber Sponge was created to be the go-to sponge for all of your cleaning needs. It’s made with cotton fibers that have been woven into a unique and effective scrubbing texture. This sponge is durable, yet safe for non-stick surfaces and glassware.


    Antimicrobial product protection built into the sponge works continuously to help prevent the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, keeping the sponge cleaner and fresher.